IUCN and SENAGUA: a strong partnership for better water management in Ecuador

Achieving sustainable water resource management in Ecuador  will benefit from a new partnership between the National Water Secretariat (SENAGUA) and IUCN South America. The two organizations are working together towards the improvement of water and river basin management in Ecuador.

IUCN South America, Ecuador Photo: IUCNClaire Warmenbol

A stronger alliance between the Ecuador National Water Secretariat and IUCN, allows us to share and disseminate important knowledge in river basin management. Using geographical information systems such as GIS and its application for Integrated Water Resource Management, capacities and actions of water resource managers in the region will be strengthened”, says Mario Aguirre, IUCN Water Coordinator for South America.

Recently SENAGUA gave out a decree rendering official the river basin map of Ecuador using the Pfafsftetter methodology. The map was elaborated by SENAGUA and IUCN SUR, in partnership with the General Secretariat of the Andean Community. With this map Ecuador became the second Andean country to adopt the Pfafsftetter methodology for its hydrological mapping. In order to further develop the capacities of water professionals, SENAGUA and IUCN SUR are organizing several courses in different parts of Ecuador over the coming months.

We used the methodology developed by Pfafstetter, to code river basins or hydrographical units” said Aguirre. “The aim is to use these maps as a way to share information in the same format about water resources within Ecuador and the Andean Community, as well as to identify and source relevant information on transboundary river basins”. The development of the maps has not only been a technical exercise, but also a model for participation between different institutions and organizations.

As part of the partnership, IUCN SUR will be supporting the National Plan for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) led by SENAGUA. Both institutions are working on the review and update of the Environmental Flows regulation in Ecuador.

Early June, SENAGUA and IUCN SUR will further scale-up their collaboration by organizing an international seminar, including sharing experiences from Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador on national plans and policy for IWRM and Environmental Flows.

For more information, please contact mario.aguirre@iucn.org

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