Thai RBOs assessment discussion

 IUCN Thailand held a consultation meeting on 24 March to discuss an assessment of River Basin Organizations (RBOs). It was proposed to use the Chi River Basin as a case study to help understand the situation of RBOs, their strengths and weakness in Khon Kean, the second largest of the north-eastern provinces of Thailand. 


River in the South

 The key water management specialists at the meeting recommended that the Mekong Water Dialogues should organize a workshop to highlight the lessons learned by the Thai RBOs. The sharing of these experiences, especially focusing on the 10 year history of the 25 RBOs in Thailand, was understood as useful activity to commence a recommendation paper for government and political parties.

However, Dr. Robert Mather, Head of the IUCN Southeast Asia Group, made the suggestion the Mekong Water Dialogues first undertake the lessons learned workshop in the Chi River Basin as it is the most experienced of the many river basin management such as Hoiy Sam Mor, Song Kram, Kut Ting and Beung Kong Long.  This suggestion was affirmed and the activity will be undertaken in the coming months.

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