Re-introducing falcons to Sweden

IUCN Member, the foundation Nordens Ark has re-introduced 140 Peregrine falcons in Sweden over the last eight years.  Their aim has been to create a sustainable, heatlhy population that links the smaller populations of Peregines already established in Northern and Southern Sweden.

Peregrine Falcons

By the early 1970’s nearly all the Peregrine falcons were gone from Sweden. The ingestion of pesticides through their prey lead to their egg shells becoming very fragile and hence their breeding began to fail. Fortunately the authorities decided to ban the use of certain pesticides which helped to prevent the build of these toxic chemicals in thier prey.

In 1972 a programme was started to re-introduce the Peregrines to Sweden, the project was launched by importing birds from the UK and some birds from the tiny wild population in Sweden. 

In 1999 Nordens Ark was asked to take responsibility for the project, at that time there were 35 birds in Southern Sweden and 50 birds in Northern Sweden. The aim of the Norden Foundation was to fill the gap between these two populations of birds to allow for an exchange of genes over the whole of Sweden. 
By 2010 Nordens Ark had re-introduced 140 birds which will soon result in a sustainable, healthy population.

As this tale shows saving a species is possibly but it takes time, money and expertise.

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