New tool to assist IUCN Committees’ annual reporting

The Membership Unit has designed a questionnaire to facilitate the process of submitting National and Regional Committees’ annual reports to Council and the Director General in compliance with Paragraph 66 (d) of the IUCN Regulations.


With a more consistent and standardized annual reporting system we will be able to analyse and compare the data between the regions and Committees, closely monitor progress made, strengthen cooperation and share best practices. The National and Regional Committees’ annual reports will be submitted for Council’s consideration at its next meeting from 23-25 May 2011. We believe that regular reporting by the Committees will support the work we have initiated towards the implementation of Resolution 4.003 “Strengthening IUCN’s National and Regional Committees”.

Committees play a key role in encouraging collaboration between IUCN Members, the Commissions and the Secretariat. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to make contact with the IUCN National Committee in your country. Please consult the list of National and Regional Committees on the Membership section of the IUCN website. If such a Committee does not exist in your country, you may wish to consider creating one in consultation with the other Members in your country. Please contact your Membership Focal Point for more details.

The Membership Unit will continue to work to promote better cooperation between IUCN’s constituent parts and believes this can only be achieved by actively engaging the Committees in the process. Any feedback? Any comments? Please write to us:

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