CEC and the UN Forum on Forests

The United Nations Forum on Forests in January in New York gave the CEC Chair and CEC Focal Point a chance to expand the network and promote strategies for 'communicating forest values'.

Celebrating people's action to sustainably manage the world's forests

CEC Chair Keith Wheeler and CEC Focal Point Rod Abson met with a number of communications professionals engaged in 'communicating forest values' during the 9th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests, held in January in New York. Unfortunately, the United Nations closed due to a snow storm on the 27th, the date of CEC's scheduled side event. CEC was offered an alternate date but was unable to reschedule the event.

Keith and Rod met with members of the IUCN delegation, the UNFF Secretariat and the Network of Conservation Educator and Practitioners at the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation of the American Museum of Natural History.They also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the many items on the CEC agenda, particularly as CEC  moves into the development of a long-term CEC strategic plan.

The side event was to showcase IUCN and CEC as practitioners in environmental communications, drawing on examples from the arborvitae special issue ‘Communicating Forest Values’, Branding Biodiversity by Futerra, and the 'Love Not Loss' video. The aim was to present the International Year of Forests as an opportunity for the international forests community to engage with new audiences.

CEC distributed copies of the arborvitae newsletter; the IUCN Forests programme booklet; CEC brochure; and Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) brochure.  CEC also provided copies of Branding Biodiversity for distribution to the delegates.

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