Success story of the day: Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) launched a unique initiative called “The Local Government + Biodiversity 2010 Network” to promote habitat protection and improvement among local authorities and facilitate the interaction between local people and institutions.

blues2_spain.jpg Photo: IUCN

The network’s main goal has been the funding of biodiversity projects in coordination with the Spanish Ministry of the Environment. 19 local projects for the increase of biodiversity are being carried out in 2010 and 28 are scheduled for 2011. In addition, the network promotes citizen participation through actions such as schoolchildren contests, a Voluntary Groups Programme and public communication activities. The aim of the activities is to encourage the engagement of citizens through their local administrators and raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation. The “Local Strategy and Indicator System for Conservation and Augmentation of Biodiversity” and “The Best Practices Catalogue” have been developed to share knowledge across the network and ensure coordination.

For more information please visit the Countdown 2010 website.

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