Made in Countdown 2010

It’s 2010 – a year of stock-taking for world governments and for the Countdown 2010 initiative. The 2010 Biodiversity Target was not reached but the thousands of biodiversity actions taken by Countdown 2010 partners are an important step towards the improvement of the status of biodiversity and the increase of public awareness. Thousands of biodiversity actions all over the world have contributed to conserving biodiversity. These actions are a model for other communities, regions and countries. The initiative itself has served as a springboard for increased, and concrete, action beyond 2010. A renewed and enhanced phase of biodiversity conservation and awareness raising can now start.


A number of success stories have been selected out of nearly 1,100 partners. The Made in Countdown 2010 publication is a collection of 20 of the best success stories by Countdown 2010 partners which have helped to make a difference for biodiversity. The stories come from partners from Europe to Africa, from North America to South America, from Asia to Oceania. Examples of successful actions include adoption of protection measures, implementation of action plans, raising awareness and reduction of biodiversity impact.  All the success stories can be seen on the Countdown 2010 website.

Countdown 2010 will officially close at a dedicated event in Nagoya, Japan, at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity summit. The Countdown 2010 event will take place on 20 October at 20:10 in the presence of partners and supporters, as well as senior representatives from IUCN, the CBD Secretariat and other biodiversity organizations.

A new initiative starting in 2011 will be announced at the event. Existing Countdown 2010 partners will be invited to join the new initiative. More detailed information will follow on the Countdown 2010 website.

In celebration of the achievements of Countdown 2010 partners and to countdown to the closing ceremony in Nagoya each day one of the success stories submitted by Countdown 2010 partners will be posted on this website.

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