A solution to the global ocean crisis

3 new publications from the Science-to-Action partnership

Mariners Cave, Vava'u group Photo: Helen Pippard

The Science-to-Action partnership has released 3 major new publications on a solution to the global ocean crisis, drawing on the results of over 50 studies and making recommendations for the successful implementation of marine managed areas (MMAs) to maximise the benefits to people and nature. These findings and recommendations are presented in:

  • People and Oceans, which explores the role of people in MMAs, including the human well-being benefits and challenges of MMAs, and how socioeconomic conditions affect success.
  • Living with the Sea, which examines the role of marine managed areas in restoring and sustaining healthy oceans, particularly the importance of local management efforts.
  • Marine Managed Areas: What, Why, and Where, which defines MMAs and discusses the challenges of implementation.

The publications are based on 5 years of natural and social science research in over 70 marine managed areas in 23 countries.

The Science-to-Action partnership includes more than 75 organizations led by Conservation International’s Marine Management Area Science Program. IUCN Members Conservation International and National Geographic are both major partners within the Science-to-Action network.

Visit http://www.science2action.org to download these publications in pdf format and to access additional information on marine managed areas and the Science-to-Action global learning network.

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North America
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