El Sallum - Egypt's latest environmental success

The last nearly pristine area in the Egyptian Mediterranean, El Sallum, has become the first Marine Protected Area on the country's Mediterranean coast.

Spinner dolphins in the Red Sea marine protected area (Egypt) Photo: Ameer Abdulla IUCN

The recent announcement is a direct result of IUCN's involvement, which included conducting educational campaigns and supporting the declaration documents. Located in the Gulf of Sallum, on the western border with Libya, the nature reserve is a biodiversity hotspot, increasingly under threat from human activity.

El Sallum Marine Protected Area is the 28th nature protectorate in Egypt but the first on the Mediterranean coast.

Marine Protected Areas are places in the ocean where human activities are regulated in order to protect, manage, and restore marine biodiversity and ocean ecosystems.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Ameer Abdulla, IUCN Global Marine Programme, e-mail: ameer.abdulla@iucn.org



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