ARKive's Most Wanted Species: Photo Hunt

ARKive is on the hunt for the planet’s most wanted -- tracking down photographs for over 17,000 of the world’s most endangered species. ARKive is an initiative of Wildscreen, where CEC Steering Committee member Harriet Nimmo is Chief Executive.

This in not a jeweled toad.

ARKive is on the hunt for the planet’s most wanted. In 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, we have set ourselves the ambitious task of tracking down imagery for over 17,000 of the world’s most endangered species, from the Addax to the Zebra.

We know their names, we know where they live, but in many cases we don’t yet have a decent photo of them, let alone a film clip, and that’s a real problem.

We will only succeed in rescuing species from the brink of extinction if we raise public awareness of their plight. But without pictures and recordings we face an uphill struggle. We can’t expect everyone out there to know their aasvogel from their bonobo.

By revealing what these species actually look like, we hope to shine the spotlight on the many thousands of relatively obscure and largely neglected plants and animals threatened with extinction, thereby raising their public profile and, ultimately, helping to ensure their conservation.

We’ve already catalogued many of the most charismatic and familiar animals, such as gorillas, lions, tigers and elephants, and are now working to put a face to the thousands of lesser known species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

These species are really hard to find, and will be best known by specialists and enthusiasts. We are working with these people to unmask the mysterious life forms that hide behind names like the major black millipede, the jeweled toad and Marley’s golden mole. Hopefully, before too long, we will be able to show you the real faces of many more of these species!

ARKive needs you!
It's an enormous challenge, and we are busy trying to track down the people that have access to the rare multimedia material we need to help us put real faces to all the names on ourMost Wanted species list.

To find out how you can help visit our Get Involved page.

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