74th Meeting of Council

The 74th Meeting of the IUCN Council took place at Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland from 2 to 4 June 2010.

74th Meeting of IUCN Council Photo:

Council Decisions and Overview
Thirty seven out of Council’s 38 members participated including deputy Chairs of IUCN Commissions. Among the most important outcomes of the Meeting were Council’s decision to admit 38 new IUCN Members, to appoint membership of the Preparatory Committee of the 2012 World Conservation Congress, the approval of the audited financial statements and the annual report for 2009. Council’s standing committees on Constituency, Finance and Audit, Governance and Programme and Policy, worked diligently before and during Council to prepare recommendations and guide Council’s decisions on the major items on the agenda.

In addition, an Overview of the 74th Council with a summary of discussions and decisions on the most important agenda items, as well as some key information about Council and Councillors, has been developed. The Decisions from the Council meeting and the Overview of the 74th Council are being emailed to IUCN Members directly.

Approval of the IUCN Annual Report 2009 and the Audited Financial Statements for 2009
At the proposal of the Director General, Council approved the Annual Report 2009 and the Audited Financial Statements for 2009. Both documents can be downloaded from the IUCN’s public website via the web links.

Transparency of Council
As was the case for the previous Council meeting, digital copies (pdf format) of background analysis and documents prepared for Council can be obtained by IUCN Members upon request from membership@iucn.org. The 74th Council summary minutes can be obtained from mid-August 2010 once Councillors have been able to review them.

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