Members get together

 IUCN Bangladesh organized a members’ get together on 3 July 2010 in Dhaka.

IUCN Bangladesh Members Get together Photo: Subrata

 The meeting had a threefold purpose: (i) to serve as an opportunity to introduce our new member, and update about IUCNB’s current programme portfolio including the recently initiated Transboundary Water Dialogue (TWD) project; (ii) to provide for an informal get-together of our members; and (iii) to introduce the newly joined Programme Coordinator, Dr. Istiak Sobhan  to members.

The added attractions of this meeting was the presence of visiting colleagues from the IUCN Asia Regional Office, namely Dr. Zakir Hussain (Director, Constituency),and Mr. Ganesh Pangare (Coordinator, RWWP).   The subsequent dinner was lively, where partners introduced themselves and exchanged their views and ideas. The Country Representative, IUCN B especially thanked everyone for making the effort to come to the event and the dinner ended on a cordial note.    Most of the invitees participated in the event.

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