Healthy Parks Healthy People

Based on the understanding that people are not separate from nature, Healthy Parks Healthy People is an approach that is focused on protecting the world’s most important assets – nature and humanity.

Healthy Parks Healthy People Photo: Parks Victoria

Watch this video introducing the Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative pioneered by IUCN Member Parks Victoria, an Australian park management agency, that is promoting contact with nature as a public health strategy. Healthy Parks Healthy People recognises that individual and community health are reliant on a healthy parks system and that the success of the healthy parks system depends on the value placed on it by the community.

You are invited to join the conversation in the development of the philosophy that is being adopted by many park agencies around the world to build productive partnerships between the worlds of health and conservation. The inaugural Healthy Parks Health People Congress is to be held 11-16 April 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.

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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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