Biodiversity: My hotel in action - the video

A video designed to make the hotel industry more aware of the importance of biodiversity has been launched by IUCN, in partnership with Accor, the European leader in hotels.


From cotton towels and sheets in guest rooms, to food in the restaurant and wood used for furniture and fittings, the products of biodiversity are everywhere inside hotels. Outside, plants and animals make a hotel’s public spaces and gardens attractive for guests, while beyond the hotel gates, parks, green spaces, coasts and natural habitats provide guests with opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. Restaurant chefs, spa managers, interior designers and shopkeepers all have a role to play. Their seafood choices in the menus, selection of medicinal and aromatic plants for the spas, use of live animals and plants in hotel grounds, selection of wildlife-based souvenirs, offers of excursions, all contribute to the overall impact on biodiversity.

To address these challenges, IUCN, in partnership with Accor, has developed an introductory video about the relevance of biodiversity to the hotel sector.

The video’s mainly addressed to hotel managers and owners all around the world who are unknowingly dealing on a daily basis with biodiversity conservation decisions. The viewers first explore the beauty of nature and the incredible services that it provides to mankind. The loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services is then highlighted in a sequence of dramatic scenes followed by some initial ideas on what hoteliers can do within their premises to address the challenges of biodiversity loss. “Hoteliers can implement a lot of actions to contribute to biodiversity preservation. Within Accor, we encourage them to work in close partnership with associations which have the expertise to precisely explain the issues and to help them to change their practices if necessary”; says Patricia Cortijo, Accor Group Environment Director.

“This video was planned as a follow up action to support Biodiversity: My hotel in action, a guide for the hotel sector for the sustainable use of biological resources, developed in 2008” says Giulia Carbone, Programme Officer at IUCN, “The video, and the recent Japanese translation of the guide, are part of this effort to reach out to all hotel managers”.

The video is one example of the on-going dialogue between IUCN and Accor, who will continue to work together to implement better practices for the conservation of biological resources in Accor’s operations.

Click here to view the video in English and here to see it in French.

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