International Conference on water scarcity and drought

The path to climate change adaptation.
18 - 19 February, 2010. Madrid, Spain.

Ministry of Environment, Spain Photo: IUCN-Med

 Water is an essential element for the development of life and societies and for this reason one of the most important challenges of the future is its correct management, i.e., one which guarantees the quality and quantity of water, especially in the face of climate change.

Taking into account the fact that climate change projections foresee a decrease in rainfall and an increase in temperatures in areas traditionally affected by drought and/or water shortage, it is highly likely that climate change will increase both the intensity and the frequency of these episodes and the number of regions affected by them.

Due to the above, it is of vital importance to promote the development of a national and international strategy to provide the necessary tools for making headway in controlling situations of water shortage and drought; i.e., changing from a crisis management system that is focused on immediate reaction to the problems posed by drought, well-planned system for preventing water shortage and drought.  

In accordance with these ambitious objectives, on 18 and 19 February 2010, the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs will be organising an International Water Scarcity and Drought Conference, “The path to climate change adaptation”.

This conference, which is being organised in collaboration with other countries and has the support of the European Commission, aims to give a response to the principal issues raised with respect to developing a new management concept in situations of drought and water shortage, and it is expected that specialists from all over the world with wide experience in managing these situations will be taking part.

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