IUCN places its footprints at the Africa Water Week

IUCN mounted a successful exhibition stand and a side event at the 2nd Africa Water Week held in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa from 9-13 November 2009. The exhibition showcased IUCN work including WANI toolkits and PACO publications on the Volta basin and most of the published were picked before the middle of the week and people kept on asking for more IUCN documents.

IUCN Footprint

During the Water Week, Mr Ousmane Diallo, the Regional Water and Wetlands Coordinator for PACO presented a paper on Multi-level stakeholder participation in improving water governance in the Volta basin in the session on “Managing Africa’s Transboundary Waters”.

Dr Emmanuel Mwendera, the ESARO Regional Coordinator for Water and Wetlands, presented a paper on Mainstreaming climate change in integrated water resources management: Case study of Pangani River Basin in the session on “Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change”. Emmanuel also chaired the session on “Managing Africa’s Transboundary Waters”. Mr Hastings Chikoko the Head of IUCN Pretoria Office and Head of Constituency Support and Communications (Eastern and Southern Africa) was one of the panelist for a session on “Community Challenges, Community Voices: Critical stories of IWRM in the era of climate change” which was organized by the InterPress Service in collaboration with the SADC Regional Water Sector Programme. IUCN also presented a side event on SHARE toolkit. This was jointly hosted by UNEP whose side event was on “The role of ecosystems in water resources management”.

For more information, please contact emmanuel.mwendera@iucn.org

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