Call for Papers: Biofuels

CEESP will be producing an Occasional Paper on Biofuels. You are invited to submit short articles highlighting the impact of biofuel production on communities. Descriptions of successful efforts where local community uses of biofuels are supported without exploitation of people or the environment would also be welcome. Send your articles and images to: ( by 7 December 2009.


A new Christian Aid Biofuels Report states that “Massive subsidies and quotas for Biofuels are wreaking social and environmental havoc and in many cases actually exacerbating climate change. The possibilities and problems of Biofuels demand a radical overhaul of governments' multi-billion dollar support for Biofuels, so that only crops which offer genuine greenhouse gas savings and wider social benefits are encouraged.” Christian Aid believes that the best approach to Biofuels is to grow them on a small scale and process them locally to provide energy for people in the surrounding community.”

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Social Policy
Climate Change
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