Bangkok must listen, says IUCN

IUCN Daily Media Statement: Some 450 million people live in and around Asia-Pacific forests. Their engagement is critical in the success of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degredation (REDD), which also includes conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhacement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+). Saving the world’s remaining forests must be part of any climate change deal that moves on from Bangkok to Copenhagen.

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QUOTE: “Broader participation in the design and implementation of REDD+ actions increases opportunities to put these actions in to practise,” says Peter Neil, IUCN’s Climate Change Focal Point in Asia. “In addition, understanding the role of women within the effected communities will ensure that REDD+ is more effective, efficient, permanent and sustainable.”


• Ninni Ikkala, IUCN’s Climate Change Coordinator,
• Carole Saint-Laurent, IUCN Senior Forest Policy Advisor,

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