IUCN welcomes 3 new Members

On 26 August 2009, the 54th IUCN Bureau of Council admitted 3 new Members to IUCN: le Réseau des Aires Protégées d’Afrique Centrale – RAPAC [Central Africa Protected Areas Network] - an international non-governmental organisation based in Gabon; and two non-governmental organisations: The Jordanian Society for Organic Farming JSOF – Jordan, and The Garrison Institute – USA.

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RAPAC was founded by the countries benefiting from the ECOFAC Programme, a programme for the conservation and sustainable management of Central Africa’s forests, launched in 1992 by the European Union. RAFAC seeks to transfer the ECOFAC experience to other protected areas. www.rapac.org

With more than 100 members, JSOF works towards preserving the environment and natural resources through activities promoting organic farming in Jordan. JSOF is a member of the International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), an IUCN member.

The Garrison Institute seeks to apply the transformative power of contemplative methods to solve key social and environmental challenges, in order to create a more compassionate and resilient world. www.garrisoninstitute.org

For the first time, membership applications were considered by the IUCN Bureau of Council, which meets in between two sessions of the IUCN Council. This is a result of efforts undertaken by the IUCN Council to streamline the membership admissions process and set up a new procedure where membership applications are considered by the Constituency Committee through an online process before being submitted to the Bureau for decision. As the Bureau of Council meets in-between two Council meetings, this new procedure now makes it possible for membership applications to be considered much more frequently than in the past.

With these additions, the total number of IUCN Members now stands at 1,146; including 90 States, 119 government agencies, 92 international NGOs, 814 national NGOs and 31 affiliates.

For more information please contact membership@iucn.org

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