IUCN Commissions Establish Assistance Networks

IUCN’s vision in uniting it’s efforts with its members and partners across the Pacific Region has taken several steps forward this year with the formation of two regional assistance networks.

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The two networks, which are voluntary and will offer expertise, emanate from the leadership of two of IUCN’s Commissions in the Oceania region.

The first network has been developed by the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). It is called WCPA Pacific Exchange. Many Pacific nations are endeavoring to implement the Programme on Protected Areas (POWPA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity. WCPA is a Friend of CBD POWPA and was centrally involved in its formulation.

The goal of this list server is to be a mechanism for sharing knowledge and providing technical advice to assist both biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods through protected areas of all governance types in the Pacific Region.

The WCPA Pacific Exchange allows WCPA individual members to share information, new papers, reports etc and to post calls for specific technical assistance to the experts on the list. Through this network members can request assistance on project proposals, submission reviews, peer comment on management plans etc.

The list will comply with IUCN’s standards which are to be apolitical, scientifically factual and to avoid any materials which could be offensive or defamatory.

The second network arises from IUCN Director General Julia Martin -Lefevre’s recent visit to Oceania where the need for sharing expertise on marine ecosystem management was identified as a need in both Asia and the Pacific. IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) has subsequently set up the CEM Australian Marine Ecosystems Advisory Group of leading regional experts to advise the Asian and Oceania Regions.

Dr. Eddie Hegerl, CEM Vice Chair has been responsible for the set up of the group, Richard Kenchington is Chair and Dr Trevor Ward also has agreed to participate. Other experts are being enlisted.

The CEM group has many decades of experience in management of human impacts on marine ecosystems. They have conducted training programs on ecosystem-based fisheries management, and management of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass ecosystems for fishers, community organizations and scientists.

For more information on the two networks or to join please contact:

For WCPA Pacific Exchange:
WCPA Vice Chair for Oceania Penelope Figgis  and Elizabeth Erasito, WCPA Deputy Vice Chair for Oceania (Pacific Islands)


For CEM Australian Marine Ecosystems Advisory Group:
Eddie Hegerl  or Richard Kenchington



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