Publishing with WCPA

WCPA publishes a variety of research, including Good Practice Guidelines, Technical Reports, and Technical Notes. All publications that include the IUCN WCPA logo should meet the publication standards set by IUCN. WCPA also has a set of processes and procedures for publications and is developing a series of video guidance to help those producing publications. More information can be found below:

IUCN publications guidelines: These include style guidelines, terminology, translation guidelines, colour palette, peer review tracking table, guidance on logo use, credit pages, and more. 

IUCN WCPA publication proposal form: Completing this form is the first step in developing an IUCN WCPA Best/Good Practice Guideline or Technical Report.

IUCN WCPA publication agreement: This agreement is made between the Chair WCPA, Head IUCN PCA Team, WCPA Publications Editor/s (Series Editor), the Publication Proponents, Publication Manager/Editor, Publication Authors and Publication Partner/s in respect of planned publications.

WCPA affiliation for journals and WCPA peer review process: Guidance on adding WCPA as an affiliation to peer review papers and other publications and an overview of WCPA policies on sign off for all publication in the WCPA series.

IUCN WCPA Technical Notes Guidance: This guidance is intended to provide authors of technical notes with information on content and process.

IUCN WCPA Issues Papers Guidance: This guidance is intended to provide authors of issues papers with information on content and process.

WCPA Design Templates: All publications should follow the IUCN guidelines (see link above) but WCPA has also developed design templates which all authors/editors should use when developing a publication which can be downloaded here.

Video on Guidelines for Publishing with WCPA: This video provides guidance on publications design and formatting.

Fichier vidéo

If you have any queries, please contact the WCPA publication editors: Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley