Annual reports

Restoration Barometer 2022 Report

The Restoration Barometer (launched in 2016 as the Bonn Challenge Barometer) is the only tool already used by governments to track the progress of restoration targets across all terrestrial ecosystems including coastal and inland waters. It was designed for countries that have committed to restore landscapes under international goals or agreements.


International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is launching its flagship Restoration Barometer report based on data submitted by 18 countries to the IUCN Restoration Barometer from 2021 to 2022. This report demonstrates the progress that reporting countries are making on their restoration targets – and the flow of tangible benefits. It also shows the importance of enabling structures, such as policies and funding, for the long-term positive impacts of restoration to be realised.

Though 22 countries submitted data to the Restoration Barometer in 2022, this report includes information from 18 of these while data from the remaining four is still being finalised by the countries and reviewed by IUCN. Progress will be assessed in an additional 12-15 countries in early 2023. The full, submitted data from the Restoration Barometer is available for public access through the country dashboard, which will continue to reflect the ongoing restoration journey amongst users over time.