Group 3 Head visits ELC Bonn

Juan Marco Alvarez, the newly appointed Head of Group 3 - Economy and Environmental Governance (EEG), was warmly welcomed by the staff of the Environmental Law Centre on his first visit to the ELC in his new role yesterday.

Juan Marco meets ELC staff

Group 3 is responsible for Thematic Programme Areas 3 - Energy, and 5 - Greening the world economy, bringing the Environmental Law Programme together with colleagues working with energy, economy, business and biodiversity, and TRAFFIC.
As part of getting to know the Law Programme and its work, Juan Marco met with all members of staff to discuss what they are currently working on, with a view to future collaboration among EEG colleagues, and beyond to colleagues working in other Thematic Programme Areas.
A fruitful discussion ensued and we look forward to welcoming Juan Marco back to the Centre very soon.

Work area: 
Environmental Law
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