The way forward on sustainable use

Achieving the sustainable use of natural resources is central to IUCN’s mission and an issue that involves many parts of the Union


A Resolution adopted at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona calls on the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the Commission on Environmental Economics and Social Policy (CEESP) to boost cooperation on the conservation, social, cultural and economic benefits of sustainable use of natural resources and on the interactions between people and wildlife.

Dr Holly Dublin, a prominent member of both Commissions, is carrying out a review of the options available to implement this Resolution and to recommend a clear way forward. She is contacting key stakeholders in IUCN’s Commissions, the Secretariat and the IUCN Membership to canvas opinions on the work that should be undertaken collaboratively.

The consultation will build on a survey conducted within the SSC Sustainable Use Specialist Group during the 2004-2008 quadrennium, but be expanded to include additional stakeholders, especially in CEESP. A workshop involving leading experts will be held to propose a realistic programme of work on sustainable use, identify the key issues to be prioritised for follow-up over the next four years; and propose an inter-commission structure to support this work.

If you would like to participate in this survey, please send an email to Carol Poole at

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