Article | 03 Mai, 2022

A Voice for Nature #27

Stay informed! A selection of the latest news on nature conservation and sustainable use of resources from and for Eastern Europe and Central Asia now available

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A Voice for Nature #27

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While the pandemic seems to be winding down, our region is at unrest. At IUCN, we are gravely concerned by the military conflict currently taking place in Ukraine and deplore the human deaths and suffering that it is causing. Our thoughts are with all those affected, especially the people of Ukraine, and IUCN’s Ukraine-based Member organisation and Commission experts.

Armed conflicts cause great economic and social harm, as well as environmental damage - today in Europe, and almost constantly around the world, stretching societies to their limits. IUCN explored the complex relationship they have with nature, aiming to inform policies to better advance both peacebuilding and conservation.

We start the newsletter with three pieces on the CBD Geneva meetings 2022 that began with high expectations but ended with limited progress and agreement on a global plan to protect and restore biodiversity calling for further negotiations. We celebrate the world’s first 5-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Europe and the exciting news from Central Asia related to potential World Heritage nominations. At the same time, our new section on 'People and Climate' opens with the alarming report by the IPCC on climate change.

We are thrilled to welcome two new IUCN members from Albania and Armenia and happy to share several funding opportunities. As always, we close the issue with recent publications and outreach material and invite you to join the global celebrations of the forthcoming environmental days. 

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