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Data is the basis for sound decision making and this is particularly true in the area of law.

Over the past decades, the world has seen major developments in the field of environmental law with significant growth in multilateral and bilateral agreements, national legislation, soft law, law and policy literature, as well as jurisprudence.

Yet, much of this wealth of information has been difficult to access in one single platform and for free.

IUCN, FAO and UNEP responded to the need for free and easy access environmental law information and created ECOLEX – a web-based information service that synergises information on environmental law collected by the three partner organisations. 


laws and regulations




court decisions

ECOLEX provides invaluable information source not only for legal professionals, researchers and students, but also for policy and decision-makers and the civil society from all over the world and at all levels.

1,200,000+ users

worldwide in 2021


It covers the entire spectrum of environmental and natural resources conservation, including fresh and marine water, air and atmosphere, soil and land use, species and ecosystems, fisheries and forestry, hazardous substances and waste, as well as food and agriculture.


Full texts, bibliographical and analytical information for –

  • bilateral and multilateral treaties

  • treaty decisions (Conference of the Parties’ decisions)

  • national legislation

  • court decisions

  • literature (soft law as well as policy literature)

  • additional subject-focused resources such as legal analysis, case studies, training materials


Information supplements manpower: There are countries, which lack legal research facilities and environmental law experts. Information helps to avoid duplication of research. Access to information via ECOLEX will considerably support people in these countries in researching and teaching environmental law, and in building and developing capacity.

Information saves time: The availability of information on laws, treaties and literature through ECOLEX allows governmental and non-governmental users to distil the best environmental law information worldwide which will assist in developing and ensuring better implementation of national and international legislation.

Information saves money: Countries seeking to formulate or amend their legislation can access at no cost existing legislation and legal techniques established by countries that have faced similar challenges.



Information generates new information and new knowledge

ECOLEX search filters

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ECOLEX search result legislation

Example of a search result for national legislation –

  • bibliographic information 
  • analysis
  • full text


ECOLEX search result treaties

Example of a search result for treaties and treaty decisions –

  • bibliographic information 
  • analysis
  • full text
  • status information (table and map of participants' information)