Parks Journal, Issue 25.2

Issue 25.2 of PARKS opens with an Editorial Essay on behalf of the Global Partnership on Aichi Target 11. The paper reviews progress towards this component of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Strategic Plan.

Rio Convention of UN Biodiversity Conference

The Editorial is followed by two papers, led by Stephen Woodley, on area-based targets that can help inform the discussions on a new post-2020 target for protected areas, and then continues.

Two papers in this issue address new concepts and developments supporting protected area management. One paper by Melzer and colleagues describes a simple tool to assess the condition of protected area value and provides examples of its application. A second paper by Hockings and colleagues outlines the IUCN Green List Standard for protected areas.

Two papers summarise the lessons learnt by practitioners in applying specific tools and approaches developed to support protected area management. Stolton and colleagues review the lessons from 18 years of applying the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool to assess the effectiveness of management of protected areas, while Garn and her colleagues document the lessons learnt in applying the IUCN Management Categories of protected areas in Denmark. Kihima and Musila provide a case study from Kenya on community participation in tourism development.   

In a Short Communication, Jonas and Jonas raise some thought-provoking ideas around the meaning of the term ‘conserved areas’ that will also contribute to the debate around policies and targets for protected and conserved areas.

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