Announcing the CCL Conference Proceedings!

CEESP News - IUCN CEESP & Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) 2018 Conference Proceedings and Resource Centre

On Behalf of IUCN CEESP and CCRN, we are very pleased announce this launch of the Proceedings and Resource Centre for the 2018 Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods Conference (CCL), which was held in Halifax, Canada. We hope this brings back good memories for all of you!

The meeting was a major opportunity to shine a spotlight on local communities around the world, how they are engaging in environmental conservation supporting sustainable livelihoods, and how they can be best supported in policy and in practical programs. It brought together 400 indigenous, community, university, government, and NGO people, to produce lessons of relevance from local to global, to build partnerships, and to shape the future linkages of communities, conservation and livelihoods.

The Proceedings & Resource Centre highlights plenary presentations and nine conference themes through summaries, videos, and slide presentations. But more importantly, the Centre is a learning resource on a wide range of topics and themes.  

We invite you to explore the resources in the website here which reflects the wide range of material covered in the conference, and includes summaries of sessions as well as many video and slide presentations.

CCL Halifax International Conference Photo: IUCN, CCRN

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