First IUCN Council Meeting, February 2009

The 33 Members of the IUCN Council elected in Barcelona will gather at their first full meeting on 2-4 February 2009 at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. 

The two-day Council Retreat to be held immediately prior to the Council meeting will provide an opportunity for Council Members to get to know each other and to begin to work together.  The provisional agenda for the Council meeting is ambitious. The Members of the IUCN Council will begin to address the 136 Resolutions and Recommendations arising from the World Conservation Congress held in Barcelona, discuss priority and substantive conservation issues of concern not only to IUCN Members but the world at large, and establish their four Committees (Constituency, Governance, Finance and Audit, and Policy and Programme). Meetings of the IUCN Council are held about every 6 months.  Their next meeting is currently planned for late September/early October 2009.

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