Eastern and southern Africa members ready for the exciting “one-Union” journey

IUCN members from eastern and southern Africa held a series of side-meetings during the IUCN World Conservation Congress during which they renewed their commitment to ensure collaboration among the union’s three components – commissions, members and the secretariat. In order to facilitate cooperation, the members have begun a process to establish a sub-regional committee that reflects the recent merger of eastern and southern Africa regions

Former IUCN President, Valli Moosa and ESARO Head of Constituency, Hastings Chikoko talking to some Eastern Africa members

They also participated in the mapping exercise aimed at understanding the capacities, interests and potential roles of Members. This understanding will result in securing the kind of membership, partnerships and relationships that would effectively advance the collaborative work of the Union. This will also ensure that the Secretariat has all the necessary information as a first step towards effective engagement of members in the work of the Union in eastern and southern Africa. If you have not yet submitted your membership mapping form, please send it to hastings.chikoko@iucn.org

East and Southern Africa
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