Tanguar Haor: A wetland in the hands of the people

After almost a century of exclusive ownership by wealthy elites, Tanguar Haor is finally back in the hands of the people who rely on it. A 10-year initiative of the government of Bangladesh, supported by IUCN and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, has recently drawn to a close. Rural fisherfolk now have access to their fisheries, villagers – including a fair share of women – have been empowered to govern and manage their resources according to their own needs, wildlife sanctuaries have been established and afforestation efforts have begun.

As the project enters its bridging phase before the next five-year consolidation of the previous decade’s efforts, take a photographic journey through the top 10 achievements of Tanguar Haor’s courageous people and their stunning wetland.

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The deep water of Tanguar Haor stretches out to a row of amphibious trees that stand against a cloudy sky

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