IUCN VN Supports Regional Climate Change Training Course

Government officials and other climate experts from seven Asian nations gathered in Hanoi during the week of Oct. 27 for an IUCN-supported training programme on climate change impacts and solutions.

A Halong Bay site visit illustrates climate change issues in Viet Nam

The Climate Change – Mitigation and Adaptation programme, organised by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), aspires to communicate Swedish and  European knowledge of methods for assessing and counteracting the consequences of a changed climate to developing nations.

The week-long, Asia-regional session in Hanoi followed a three-week course in Sweden earlier this year. The October workshop convened about 30 stakeholders from China, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.

The International Training Programmes are designed for persons qualified to participate in reform processes of strategic importance on different levels and who hold a position in their home organisation with a mandate to run processes of change.

The participants assembled to learn methods for identifying vulnerable sectors in their respective nations and on an international scale. The course covered community and national planning and preventive action plans, the potential effect of climate change on specific industries and resources, strategic planning to counteract the causes of climate change, and ways to increase public participation and education.

IUCN VN’s Climate Change Programme gave the international participants a comprehensive overview of climate change impacts in Viet Nam and arranged a field visit to Halong Bay. Climate impacts are increasingly a threat to natural resources and the local community in the UNESCO-recognised heritage site.

The programme also spurred a proposal to develop a joint project between the Climate Change Programme and the Halong Bay Management Board, focusing on climate change issues in the bay. Collaborative activities are also under discussion between the Climate Change Programme and other training course participants to strengthen IUCN VN’s international reach and broaden its research portfolio.

The 2009 International Traning Programme is under development and will see further active involvement from IUCN VN’s Climate Change Programme.

For more information, please contact Mr. Luong Quang Huy at huy@iucn.org.vn

Viet Nam
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