Call for Proposals Launched for EU Overseas Countries and Territories in 5 Regions

Today, the BEST 2.0 Programme has launched a call for proposals for small-scale projects on-the-ground in the 25 EU Overseas Countries and Territories located in five regions - Caribbean, Pacific, South Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Polar/sub-polar.


Projects supporting the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of ecosystem services, including ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation are eligible for funding. Two types of grant are available depending on the amount of funding requested.

Type of Grant

BEST 2.0 Funding

Swift Small Grants

≤ € 50 000

Small Grants

> € 50 000 and ≤ € 100 000

The call is based on a 2-step process involving firstly the submission of a concept note. Applicants that pass the first stage will then be invited to submit a full proposal.


The deadline for the submission of concept notes is 14th April 2017 at 23:59 (Brussels date and time).


Potential applicants should refer to the guidelines for applicants available on the BEST 2.0 Programme’s portal to check their eligibility before applying for a grant. Applicants should submit their proposals via the BEST 2.0 portal, where they can also find useful information for preparing a proposal such as answers to frequently asked questions and lessons learnt from the former calls


More Information

The BEST 2.0 Programme, coordinated by IUCN and supported by the European Commission Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) as part of the EU Biodiversity for Life (B4Life) initiative is offering much needed, accessible and targeted funding for on-the-ground conservation action and sustainable development. 44 small and medium grant projects have already been funded followings calls launched in 2015 and 2016.


Further information can be found on the EC BEST website, including the BEST initiative history, fact sheets on previously funded projects and updates on the work of the regional partners.


Read the latest BEST Newsletters for the latest updates on these projects and subscribe to stay informed.


Find out more about Europe Overseas entities, their natural wonders, as well as IUCN and its partners’ efforts to conserve them.


For more information, please contact:

Carole Martinez,
BEST 2.0 Consortium Manager, [email protected]

Daniel Mitchell,
BEST 2.0 Project Officer, [email protected]

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