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The Agro-ecosystems Specialist Group promotes sustainable agricultural practices and agrobiodiversity management under changing climatic conditions and encourages ecosystem based approaches and resource conservation technologies for transforming agriculture as a sustainable enterprise.
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Specialist Group Leader P.C.  Abhilash
SC Focal point Madhav Karki

This group will act as a platform for bringing together various stakeholders in the field to share their knowledge and experience. Also, this group is envisioned to support IUCN for framing suitable strategies for the adaptive management of agroecosystems under changing climate.

The major objectives of this group are:

  • Understand the complex and interconnected linkages between agriculture, biodiversity and ecosystem management
  • Conduct ecological risk assessment of agroecosystems under changing climatic conditions
  • Integrate landscape ecology and ecosystem based approaches to support agrobiodiversity and ecosystem services of agricultural systems
  • Manage wetlands for sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and other ecosystem services
  • Foster sustainable and resource conservation technologies (i.e. organic agriculture, low external input system agriculture (LEISA), integrated crop management (ICM) and ecological agriculture etc.) to enhance the productivity of existing farmlands and reduce the environmental trade-offs
  • Popularize information technology for precision farming and sustainable agroecosystem management
  • Encourage adaptive and climate resilient agricultural practices to enhance the food production and nutritional quality under changing climatic conditions
  • Recommend sustainable use of agro-residues for multipurpose environmental benefits
  • Formulate sustainable strategies to restore degraded system for agricultural extensification
  •  Support IUCN for preparing policy briefs, status reports and action plans on above themes for various governmental and intergovernmental agencies 

Action Plans:

  • Create a network of vibrant and active group of professionals (scientists, academicians, policy makers etc.) working on above themes from various agro-climatic regions of the world
  • Publish quarterly Newsletter on ‘Agricultural Ecosystems’
  • Conduct workshops, training/ awareness/sensitization programs etc. on sustainable agriculture, climate resilient agriculture, agrobiodiversity management, agroforestry, integrated nutrient management, ecological pest management, sustainable resource conservation technologies etc. with the active involvements of various regional/national/and international agricultural organizations
  • Involve members of ‘Young Professionals Network’ of IUCN-CEM and other IUCN commissions for various activities of the group
  • Prepare policy briefs and status reports on various aspects of agricultural ecosystems (i.e. sustainable agriculture practices for various agro-climatic regions of the world, conservation and management strategies for agrobiodiversity, climate resilient crop varieties, climate resilient agriculture etc.)
  • Support the activities of IUCN-CEM and also provide voluntary helps for the ongoing and forthcoming regional/global assessments of various agencies such as UN, IPBES, UNDP, IPCC, FAO etc.

Get Involved:

We encourage IUCN-CEM members and other professionals interested in above objectives to join this specialist group on ‘Agro-ecosystems’ and exchange innovative ideas, contribute their opinions and apply their expertise for sustainable management of agricultural ecosystems, or simply share updates about their projects and programs on sustainable and climate resilient agricultural activities and resource conservation technologies. Contact PC Abhilash 

All shared news will be published in our quarterly Newsletter ‘Agro-ecosystems’. You can find the first issue on the right side of this page. 

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