Environmental Technical Boards will seek to strengthen the work in the Goascoran Binational River Basin

The Goascorán river basin, located between Honduras and El Salvador, is characterized by the interests of local actors in coordinating binational actions for the sustainable development of the basin.

Mesas técnicas medioambientales

Some of the issues that stand out are: the weak institutional presence in the basin, low levels of transboundary exchange, migration, prolonged droughts, infertile soils, pollution by the use of agrochemicals, deforestation and hunting.

Based on these issues, on September 29th 2016, in La Union, El Salvador, was developed a workshop with three objectives: share good practices related to solid waste management, Ecosystems based Adaptation, and water governance; the creation of Environmental Technical Desks of the North and South of La Union in the basin; and the development of an action plan for the technical desks. In this event participated approximately 45 people, mainly environmental technicians from the municipalities of La Union, Conchagua, ACUGOLFO, ADEL-La Union, ASINORLU, and technicians from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN).

At the end of the activity, it was defined four main results:

  • The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) agreed to support the process of strengthening of the environmental technical desks; besides, to provide support for the integration of the technical desks to the General Water Law after the approval by the government of El Salvador.

  • ASINORLU and ADEL-La Union were committed to guide each of the processes related to the legalization of the two environmental technical desks.

  • The technical team of IUCN/Fundacion Vida agreed the development of new accompanying events for the consolidation of the environmental technical desks, in order to provide them the opportunity of participate in the concertation and dialogue about the good water governance.

  • Taking into account the new activities in the future, it was agreed to extend the invitation to the other municipalities that didn’t participate in this first workshop, and to the MUGOLFO organization, which is developing similar actions in comparison with BRIDGE project.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), through the BRIDGE project, is looking for provides support in processes of binational coordination in the Goascoran river basin. Taking into account the creation of the environmental technical desks, it seeks to promote the local, municipal and regional participation in the strengthening of the dialogues about the good water governance, trough action plans for short, middle and large term; besides, the exchange of information and the coordination with the Goascoran Basin Council in Honduras.



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