Three movies on governance for the conservation of nature!

You are encouraged to watch these three 20 minute movies which will to take you on a journey of exploration of the complex, sensitive and sometimes confusing and disturbing phenomenon called “governance of protected and conserved areas”.

What do we know about it?  Why do we describe it in terms of diversity, quality and vitality?  Why is it so important for the conservation of nature?  What actually happened in Australia, during the Stream on Enhancing Diversity, Quality and Vitality of Governance co-organised by the Consortium and during the pre-and post-Stream events that dealt with governance issues?  With the benefit of some water under the bridge, what did all this work amount to?  What recommendations from the Governance Stream are still alive today and being pursued in practice?

Find answers to all these questions in these short movies that will inform you about the results of years of work and the pulling together of the experience, knowledge, energy, engagement and creativity of several hundred people…  These movies may even inspire you to engage in a new and promising field of work! 

To watch the movies and discover a variety of documents available on Governance for the Conservation of Nature, please visit this page or follow the links below:

For further information on the subject, please visit:
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