Panorama twin webinar: Protected area tourism solutions

A Panorama twin webinar on sustainable protected area tourism solutions was held in March/April.

Ecotourism in the Southern Caucasus

The tourism business plays a major role in sustaining the global network of protected areas. At the same time, half of all international travellers visit a protected area during their trip. However, the advocates of natural spaces often are concerned about the potential impacts of unsustainable tourism - but when done right, tourism and conservation can greatly benefit from each other.

Presenters from a range of countries introduced their Panorama case studies in the webinars, explaining what made them successful and discussed with the audience. The webinars were co-hosted by the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme and the WCPA Tourism Specialist Group.

Solutions and presenters:

Session 1: 31 March 2016 (access recording)

  1. "Responsible Marine and Coastal Tourism Business Cluster Development"
    Manuel Bollmann
    South Africa
  2. "Community stewardship for conservation in Western Arunachal Landscape,India"
    Kamal Medhi
  3. "The impact of ecotourism on changing perceptions about a PA"
    Dilya Woodward

Session 2: 7th April 2016 (access recording)

  1. "Making protected area concessions work for communities"
    Sue Snyman
  2. "Profiting from eco-tourism in Cambodia"
    Ross Sinclair
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Protected Areas
Protected Areas
South America
East and Southern Africa
West Asia
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