Article | 10 jan, 2022

Siam City Cement Group and IUCN Continue Partnership to Support SCCC Group’s Sustainability Ambition 2030 and Biodiversity Conservation in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand, 13 December 2021: Siam City Cement Group (SCCC Group) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) extended their partnership for another three years at a signing ceremony of their new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the implementation of the INSEE Sustainability Ambition 2030 targeting Net Positive Impact (NPI) on biodiversity at sites where SCCC Group operates.

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Photo: Dr. Dindo (second from the left) and Mr. Aidan (second from the right) attended the MOU signing ceremony© INSEE

The goal of the partnership is to avoid and minimize biodiversity loss to the extent possible. Over the next three years, SCCC Group and IUCN will cooperate to design and implement biodiversity offsets to compensate for any unavoidable impacts of SCCC Group’s quarrying and cement production processes in its plants in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka, thereby contributing to sector-wide improvements in the cement and related industries in the region.

The second MoU was recently signed by Mr. Aidan Lynam, Group CEO of SCCC Group and Mr. Dindo Campilan, PhD, Regional Director for IUCN Asia and Hub Director for Oceania at an MoU signing ceremony at SCCC Group’s Headquarters in Bangkok, with country representatives from Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam joining online.

Mr. Aidan Lynam said “Biodiversity has been established as one of the key pillars in INSEE’s Sustainability Ambition 2030, a long-term strategy in which we are committed to actionable targets which are aligned with the business needs. IUCN can therefore play an integral part in challenging and supporting our plans for the achievement of mutually shared objectives.”

During the period of the first MoU (2018-2021), SCCC Group worked with IUCN to reduce biodiversity loss and rehabilitate impacts from its operations. For example, in Sri Lanka, IUCN and Siam City Cement (Lanka) monitored wildlife to assess the impact of quarry rehabilitation. In Vietnam, IUCN and Siam City Cement (Vietnam) has reviewed the implementation progress of the 2021 Biodiversity Action Plan for revision and provided biodiversity atlas of Mekong Delta Limestone including Hon Chong and Touk Maes in Cambodia. In Thailand, Siam City Cement Plc. works with the Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA), the country’s first national business and biodiversity platform, coordinated by IUCN, to build business awareness and capacity for sustainability, and to network and collaborate on biodiversity conservation. In Cambodia, IUCN and Chip Mong INSEE carried out biodiversity surveys to design an offset to protect the endemic species of the Mekong Delta Limestones.

“This continued partnership and the integration of biodiversity conservation into the Group Company’s sustainability ambition clearly demonstrates SCCC Group’s true commitment to biodiversity. Together, we can establish the standards and guidelines that offer solutions balancing the needs of society, business and nature.” said Dr. Dindo Campilan.

Representatives of IUCN and SCCC attended MOU signing ceremony Photo: Representatives of IUCN and SCCC attended MOU signing ceremony © INSEE