Mangroves Ecosystem in Port Qasim Area

Engro Elengy mangrove plantation

Project title: Restoration of Mangroves Ecosystem in Port Qasim Area

Location: Port Qasim Area, Karachi

Duration: 2015 – 2016  

Project background: Engro Elengy Terminal Private Limited (EETPL) is constructing a liquefied natural gas terminal in Port Qasim Area, inclusive of ship berthing and import facilities, floating storage tanks and regasification equipment. The construction phase has resulted in the conversion of 50 hectares of coastal mangrove ecosystem into reclaimed industrial land. 

In order to mitigate the impact of the construction on natural mangrove ecosystem and to compensate for the loss of mangrove cover, IUCN, through its Business and Biodiversity Programme is working with EETPL to plant mangroves on 500-hectares of land surrounding the affected area. 

Engro Elengy mangrove plantation

Objectives of the project:

  • Restore mangrove plantations on 500-hectares of land over two years in Port Qasim 

Expected outputs:

Output 1: Increased mangrove forest cover

  • Selection of plantation sites and mangroves species best suited for the planting areas
  • Raising a mangrove nursery for restocking plant failures
  • Transporting nursery stock to selected planting sites 
  • Collecting of seeds and propagules
  • Earthworks and nursery raising
  • Planting, restocking and maintenance

IUCN will provide technical support to the communities in raising mangroves plantations and nurseries.

Output 2: Awareness raised among interested corporate sector in making coastal investments

  • Organising field visits
  • Sharing promotional material
  • Arranging media coverage of field activities
  • Organising promotional activities on the engagement

Output 3: Community is trained on mangrove planting technicalities and are made aware of ecosystem livelihood linkages

  • Local communities mobilised and trained in mangrove planting and nursery raising
  • Communities made aware of the importance of mangroves with an emphasis on ecosystem livelihood linkages
  • Communities trained to undertake re-stocking and maintenance activities
  • Support provided to communities to implement a system through which they will continue to undertake restocking and maintenance work post project period

Donor: Engro Elengy Terminal Private Limited (EETPL)

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