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Terraviva is the daily newspaper of the World Conservation Congress. Read about climate change, the financial crisis, eco-friendly driving, mining and indigenous people.

I need your money

I need your Money…
Since climate change is now a demonstrated fact, rather than a make-believe worst- selling fiction of a few years back, money is needed to forestall it and cure its ills.

Save a hippopotamus, and get development
Back in 1998, the 17 farmer and hunting communities of Wechiau, living along the Black Volta River in Ghana had neither schools nor drinking water or electricity.

Two to tango - financial crisis and climate change
Enter the global financial crisis. Exit climate change? That lingering apprehension is not shared by Pamela Cox.

Cars: Two sides of the same coin
The contrast between the REVA car and the Toyota Eco-Driving display at the IUCN World Conservation Congress cannot be more striking.

Do it our way: Mining company to environmentalists
It was a group of unlikely bedfellows that met at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress’ meeting on indigenous people and the extractive industry.

Indigenous people: We too matter
Indigenous peoples from across the world found the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress the right forum to discuss their traditional practices of adaptation to climate change.

Conservation, development and tourism threaten indigenous people
“Ever since national parks and protected areas were introduced, people’s rights have been violated".

Barbie dolls talk science to people
Taking the jargon out of science and letting it fly - literally from the trees is what Dr Nalini Nadkarni did when she created the Tree Top Barbie doll

China is predating Africa's environment - US official
Interview with Claudia A. McMurray, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs

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