Investment on Rangeland for Sustainable Land Management

 Sustainable land management in rangelands has the potential to provide multiple benefits not only to communities that directly depend on rangelands but also to others: neighboring rural communities, urban centers, and global society. Emphasis on land use intensification is distorting investments away from the multiplicity of benefits towards a narrower focus on single benefit streams.

Investment on Rangeland Training - Working Group

An alternative approach is needed that focuses on optimization of returns to investment in a diversity of ecosystem services through greater local benefit capture and reward for positive externalities. Achieving this investment approach requires improved local governance, stronger consultation with rangeland users, and better-informed decision making. Progress towards these targets requires greater motivation amongst government agencies in particular to establish the enabling investments for sustainable growth, and also amongst the private sector to strengthen value chains and to target appropriate asset investments.

Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) supported by the International Union for Conservation of Nature - Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) is studying the prospects for large-scale and sustainable investments in the vast rangeland areas in Jordan. These investments aim to recover the rich resources of these areas in a long-term sustainable and economically viable way, while at the same time improving the living conditions of Bedouin communities who are living here and are the main land users and custodians of the rangelands.

This Study focused on the intersection of drylands and rangelands to examine major knowledge, investment and policy gaps in achieving the objectives of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

Drawing on local knowledge and experience of the different stakeholders in sustainable rangeland management in Jordan, a training workshop was organized by IUCN ROWA in cooperation with MOA in the 20th April 2015 in Amman. It aimed at finding together different investment options that will be later on May presented at Environmental Donor Meeting in cooperation with MOPIC and to the investors group meeting in cooperation with Investment Commission.

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