Water – A Brake on Economic Development?

As a lubricant of development, water is a critical issue in arid and semi-arid regions. Water’s crucial role for achieving basic livelihood security through water supply, health, hygiene and food is complex. A vicious circle of water scarcity, poverty, lack of investments and concerted efforts has to be broken if further increases in poverty and environmental degradation are to be avoided.

Jordan Photo: Taco Anema/IUCN

Claudia Sadoff, Economic Water Advisor (IUCN/World Bank) will be giving a presentation entitled “The Dynamics of Water, Wealth and Poverty”. Please see below for a full overview of workshop presentations. For more information on discussion topics, please consult page 65 of the official World Water Week programme, download: www.worldwaterweek.org/Downloads/Final_Programme_07_web.pdf.

More information on this workshop will be made available shortly after its’ scheduled planning Thursday 16th August.

For more information or to set up interviews, please contact:

Claire Warmenbol, IUCN Water Programme Communications Officer, at the Stockholm World Water Week, Mobile: +41 79 404 1973, e-mail: claire.warmenbol@iucn.org; Web: www.iucn.org/water

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