SOS is Your Story

The SOS story is made of many individual stories – those of the species, community members, rangers, law enforcers, project volunteers, community members, schoolchildren, species experts, logistics people and photographers to name just a few.


Widodo Ramono with Javan rhino field staff  at the Ujung Kulon National Park

Among others this also includes NGOs big and small, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ and the IUCN’s Species Survival Commission (SSC) as well as public and private sector supporters and last but not least; we individuals as global citizens.

In truth the strength of SOS is in the diversity of its stakeholders. For example, did you know that SOS supports more than 60 NGOs of all sizes and that more than half of SOS grants help fund IUCN Member projects? In fact about 40 SOS Grantees are IUCN Members. Meanwhile, SOS grants are available to non-Members too.

As a global partnership SOS is focused on harnessing the synergies generated through cooperation and collaboration and we hope this selection of testimonials convey the reality as well as that ideal:

“SOS funding has allowed us to provide further technical assistance for the Tree Kangaroo coffee project. It is also providing vital support for our work with the national government and the country’s first Conservation Area Management Committee. In short this grant is significantly contributing to conservation efforts not only in communities of Yopno, Uruwa, and Som (YUS), but throughout Papua New Guinea.”

Lisa Dabek, Director Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme

Read more about IUCN Member Woodland Park Zoo’s SOS funded Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme here.

Support from SOS to FREELAND Foundation is increasing the efficiency of patrolling in Thap Lan National Park and relieving some of the expenses the rangers normally bear such as patrol provisions and equipment. We have also been able to intensify patrolling conducted to prevent the poaching of rosewood and other natural resources in the park.

Taywin Meesap, Superintendent, Thap Lan National Park, Thailand

Read more about IUCN Member FREELAND Foundation’s SOS funded Siamese Rosewood Rapid Action Grant here. You can also read about this project in the IUCN Terre Sauvage Special Edition here.

Synergies make stories
Together we can achieve great things for wildlife conservation. In fact we already have – read more about some highlights from 2014 here to get a glimpse.

What these testimonials say is that without your support there would be nothing to write. No impact to convey. No difference made. No story to share.

In 2014 SOS published 100 pieces of original news relaying some of the milestones, progress, hopes and challenges facing some of our grantees. And this gives just a hint of the complexity and variety of their projects’ stories – all threads in the SOS cause: protecting our world’s natural heritage.

Please support SOS
Species conservation requires significant and sustained investment to deliver meaningful benefits because so many people are involved and necessarily so. Please continue to give and to support this web of life.

You can donate via the SOS donate button or extend your commitment to a monthly contribution in any of three major currencies.



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