Article | 04 Mar, 2019

IUCN kicks off "Enhancing socio-ecological climate change resilience of marine and coastal systems in Lebanon" project (2018-2021)

IUCN ROWA new marine project in Lebanon, thanks to the generous contribution of 9 million NOK from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beirut.

This project aims to reduce the vulnerability of selected coastal towns in Lebanon, which are facing crucial sustainability issues, and improve Marine Protected Areas as Ecosystem-based Mitigation and Adaptation. Applying a mix of tools & approaches to enable key conservation functions, sustainable management of ecosystems, adaptation to climate change, and increase capacity to manage natural resources communally are the core issues of biodiversity/marine conservation and policy change.


Project’s milestones:

Milestone 1: Capitalising on effective measures and tools that have previously been tested and proven successful around the Mediterranean

Milestone 2:  Conduct vulnerability assessments and ecosystem mapping to protect and safeguard coastal communities

Milestone 3: Empower stakeholders on marine management planning and change processes for effective and sustainable management of Marine ecosystems and livelihood security