Article | 09 Oct, 2018

Farming that works with nature is better for all - report

Agriculture plays a crucial role in European society, securing the production of sufficient and safe food and sustaining viable rural communities. But, as a new IUCN report shows, agriculture depends on nature, for soil fertility, water, pollination, pest control, amongst other services.

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Photo: Ferenc Barna/Pixabay

“Around half of EU land is farmed, and agriculture is the most frequently reported pressure with negative impacts on the state of nature in Europe,” said Alberto Arroyo Schnell, Senior Policy Manager at the IUCN European Regional Office.

Aiming to contribute to and inform discussion about the future of agriculture, IUCN has developed this new paper , ‘Towards sustainable agriculture’, as a structured first compilation of key evidence on sustainable agriculture. This is especially relevant in the EU at the moment, with the next Common Agricultural Policy currently under discussion.

“This paper attempts to provide arguments to ensure that the EU funds for agriculture and rural development are good for future farming, and contribute effectively to protecting and restoring nature while addressing climate change”, said Luc Bas, Director of the IUCN European Regional Office.

The paper can be downloaded here.