IUCN-SEE Received a „Diploma for Nature Conservation”

The close cooperation between IUCN -SEE and Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia awarded during the 60th anniversary of the Institute celebration.

Diploma awarded to IUCN SEE by the INP of Serbia

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, one of three IUCN members in Serbia held an official celebration at the SerbianAcademy of Sciences and Arts on 23 April 2008 in Belgrade. Nearly 300 representatives from government, research and scientific institutions as well as non governmental organisations, staff members of the Institute and journalists from all over Serbia listened to a presentation of history, current portfolio and future challenges of the Institute given by its Director, Prof. Dr. Lidija Amidzic and watched a short film about the Institute and its engagement in nature conservation in Serbia.

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia closely cooperates with ministries and local authorities on environmental issues, provides education and training to schools and faculties and evaluates development plans of the business and private sector, whenever environmental resources and assets are concerned. With about 120 staff members, some of them working for 20 or even 30 years already in the Institute, and three locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis, it is well prepared to cope with the ever growing challenges and threats in the environmental sector and provides not only sound data and baseline materials but also suggestions for solutions.  

In the following ceremonial session, opened by a virtuous solo guitar concert, Prof. Amidzic, in the name of the Institute and: “Upon the occasion of 60 years of its work and existence” handed over a “Diploma to IUCN Programme Office for SEE for the successful cooperation and provided support to improvement of nature protection of Serbia“. During the following cocktail reception, IUCN-SEE received congratulations from institute members and other organisation representatives, for being a highly estimated partner in the international cooperation on nature conservation.

While there were present more than 20 dignified organisations throughout Serbia, IUCN was the only international one, being honoured with this award (picture). The membership of the Institute in IUCN and the previous arrangement with IUCN-ROfE to host the Programme office for SEE in its premises facilitate the achieved close cooperation of two partners. It is a clear motivation for the work of IUCN-SEE team and strengthens the project partnerships within Serbia focussing on the implementation of the European Programme goal “To save biodiversity” through its “Conservation without Frontiers Strategy in South Eastern Europe”.

For additional information, please contact IUCN SEE office at see@iucn.org

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