Interview with David Sheppard, Head of IUCN's Programme on Protected Areas

Less then a month before the opening of the CBD COP 9 meeting in Bonn, IUCN’s David Sheppard, Head of the Protected Areas Programme talks in detail about the major outcomes of the recent Durban +5 meeting and challenges the protected areas community is facing worldwide.

David Sheppard, Head IUCN Programme on Protected Areas Photo: Delwyn Dupuis

1. When world leaders in protected areas met in Cape Town recently, there was a lot of talk about the urgent need to adopt new approaches to protected areas. Would you explain more about the concept of “Business Unusual?” English MP3


2. Could you give an example of how these new approaches can make a difference? English MP3


3.In a world facing poverty and food scarcity, how do you motivate local communities to respect and conserve protected areas? English MP3


4.What were the other main outcomes of the Durban +5 meeting? English MP3


Work area: 
Protected Areas
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