Summary of the youth discussions as follow up on the participation of youth fisherfolks in Jeju

During the “Jornada de Aprendizaje” in Honduras supported by ICSF, CONFEPESCA, and CoopeSoliDar R.L with the support of the organizations RECOTURH and APROCUS, a session on youth was held in order to open up a space to talk about the importance of youth in small-scale fisheries, where the young representatives attending this workshop participated facilitating discussions.

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This space of discussion also achieved an intergenerational dialogue where adults could listen to the experiences and perspectives of youth, through their life stories, while young people listened to the feedback and perspectives of adults and more experienced leaders on issues that were raised by the young representatives, issues concerning the fishing sector, youth strengthening and empowerment and the development of small-scale fishing communities.

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Social Policy
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