Meeting of the MedPAN Advisory Committee, 17 May 2013, Malaga.

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation will participate next 17 May 2013 in the meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Network of  Marine Protected Areas Managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN). The encounter will take place at the Malaga’s port in the new premises of Aula del Mar, a marine conservation association of Malaga and Member of IUCN.

Marine Protected Areas, such as the Port-Cros National Park in the south of France, are key instruments to ensure the protection of marine fish.

Throughout the day, the committee, whose role is to advise and provide recommendations on strategic plans, action plans and programmes of the MedPAN network, will discuss the key following issues: implementation of the Antalya Marine Protected A Forum roadmap; establishment of the regional MPA trust fund; MedPAN workshop on MPA enforcement; MedPAN position and strategy related to fisheries; capacity building strategy; MedPAN training on climate change; studies on socio-economic value of MPAs; and finally, the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC 3) and the ENPI MED project “Mediterranean Experience of Eco-tourism”.

For further info: Alain Jeudy

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