Solomon Islands serious about green economy transition

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is convinced that vital economic sectors in Solomon Islands should move to a green economy approach.

Mangrove resources in the Solomon Islands

 Following the first Roundtable on Development, Society and Environment PM Lilo believes all stakeholders will create innovative partnerships and ownership of programs and projects.

This dialogue has enabled us to focus on long term policies, strategies and programs and facilitate dialogues for stakeholders to monitor their application in Solomon Islands.” PM Lilo said while closing the Roundtable on Wednesday afternoon in Honiara.

As a result of all our efforts, I am sure that we will see signs of sustainable development in all these sectors,” PM Lilo added.

The three day discussions focused on developments in forestry, fisheries, education, tourism and the mineral resources sector.

PM Lilo accepted the recommendations made in the Roundtable discussions, including:

Engaging more with stakeholders including communities other than the public and private sectors;

  1. Weak or absence of sound policies, legislation and regulations;
  2. The need for enforcement of policies, legislation and regulations;
  3. More consultation with landowning groups for easy identification of land and agreement on land usage;
  4. The importance of a better understanding of the investment issues in certain locations of major projects, to create conducive investment climates;
  5. Greater coordination when designing, implementing and monitoring national projects.

The Roundtable expressed that the country has to shift to a Green Economy model. The Green Economy model abides by at least four principles: (i) maintains and enhances human relationships, (ii) lifts the community and the individual, (iii) is based on equity and fairness, and (iv) enhances the integrity of ecosystems and life-support systems.

The Roundtable also agreed to establish a Green Economy Platform that will take the lead in guiding this process of transition.

The three day Roundtable was the Solomon Islands Government’s initiative to find an effective way to achieve a more inclusive model of development – a development model that benefits all the people of Solomon Islands. It is was attended by over 30 representatives from government, the private sector and civil society from Solomon Islands.

The event was supported by IUCN and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

For more information ,please contact:
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